Building a long-term relationship

The backbone of our business are the hard working growers who put their heart and soul into growing the highest quality produce and sending it to market.  They put their name, and therefore their reputation on the line with every consignment that is sent to us.  Our priority is ensuring that we correctly pick the right and fair market price to sell to our customers so that everyone is able to make money, and therefore thrive.  For this to be a healthy industry the growers, wholesalers and retailers all need to be able to make a living and we take that responsibility very seriously. 

Get the best return on your produce.

We aim to provide the grower with the greatest return possible for their product and give them honest feedback so they are able to improve on their product, to be able to increase their future returns.

Building your brand.

This is not a business of perfect, it is a business built around relationships.  We believe through building these relationships with both growers and retailers/providores alike, that we are able to assist in building a growers brand and spreading the messaging that they wish to portray.

Need help distributing your produce?

Any of our staff would love to talk about the building a business relationship as we always welcome new business.

“The most important thing to a productive grower, merchant relationship is building trust. This is vital both ways. In this short period we have developed a level of trust and honesty in our dealings. ”
Jamie and Stacey Koia
Riverlee Limes